Techniques Used By Casinos To Influence Players!

Casinos are places where people gamble for money, entertainment, etc. Casinos try to provide some facilities like free food, drinks, free spins, bonus, etc., irrespective of it being traditional or online casinos. Sometimes, casinos also have got manipulation or a different motive before providing facilities to their customers. In the end, it is all a part of business, right?

So, here are some minute tricks that the casinos use to manipulate players that the players usually do not observe!

● Clock? No, take your own time!

Just observe that not all casinos will have a wall clock. They want the players to spend as much time as possible, which leads to spending money. Wear a watch or trust your phone to know the time!
You can keep a reminder for yourself to avoid you getting carried away with the game.

● Free alcohol- ‘The dead-end.’


Giving free drinks one after the other to the players will benefit the casinos to gain a lot of money. Drinks are addictive and so do gambling. People ask for more once they get free drinks and play until they sit with empty pockets. The more the players get drunk, the more they will lose their money; in some cases, this might also lead to debts created unknowingly as the players are boozed enough.

● Enter the darkroom and forget the outside world!

Not even a single casino lets the sunlight pass into the house; it creates a different theme and experience for players who do not even think of the outer world. It is all the same and leaves the players to play the whole day, no matter what. This is one of their tricks played on players who do not feel a day or noon or night!


● “Don’t go home; we’ll provide a complimentary room and meals too!”

Once a player spends a good amount of cash in a casino, they are provided with a complimentary room, meals, etc., which means that the casino does not want to let go of this player who can spend a lot of money!
The player will surely gamble the next day because of the other day’s service. This is one of the tricks in the casino business; take a large amount of money from the player and offer a bed, place, and meals that would cost significantly less, of course!

● Gamble and win a car!

Casinos come up with some offers, such as people who gamble at a high rate will win a car. This might sound cool to you but think of the manipulation done by them; more gambling is spending a lot of money which is nothing but equal to the price of the car, and yeah, not all gamblers can make money, right?
So, make sure before you fall into the trick pit!


Casinos are also here to make money and so do the players. It would be wrong to say that the casinos are cheating people with their tricks as businesses need benefits. This would take a little time and can save your money too. But it is up to the players to either get influenced or not!

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